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RASHI is equipped with higher end ultrasound GE Voluson with 4D colour doppler features that aid early pregnancy, antenatal, anomaly and foetal doppler studies.

RASHI is equipped with 300MA GE X-Ray machines which are best to take X-Ray for bones, skull, soft tissues and abdominal X-Rays.

RASHI is equipped with Fuji Computerized Radiography system for digitalizing images. We can generate X-Ray films in 1-2 minutes with best quality images. With or without contrast media.

RASHI Radiologists and Imaging centers are well monitored and reported by experienced, trained radiographers and qualified Radiologists.


Dr. Vijaya, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Sahana Shankar, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Krishna Gayathri, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Somu ELagovan, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Suresh Nalwal, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Jansi Rani, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Raghavendra, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Girish, MBBS DMRD.

Dr. Himaja, MBBS DNB.

Ultrasound Scan Colour Doppler Digital X-Ray Computerised Radiography Barium Studies